Friday, 24 September 2010

Saturday 25th September


Typical British weather, rain, rain, rain ... but at Orford Market there are lots of good things to make you smile. So come along and see what we have to offer this week.

There will be, amongst other delights:

An array of breads ~ Doughnuts ~ Lemon Butter Shortbreads ~ Butter shortbread ~ Crunchy Top Lemon Cake ~ Chocolate kisses ~ Cheese & olive scones ~ Fudge ~ Honey cake ~ Pear & almond flans ~ Sponges (plain/coffee & walnut) ~ Cupcakes (plain/coffee & walnut) ~ Elderflower crunch cakes ~ Cappucino cakes ~ Cherry & almond cake ~ Rocky road ~ Mocha cake ~ Parsnip and maple syrup cakes ~ Bramble cakes ~ Iced bakewell tarts ~ Frangipan tarts ~ Jam tarts ~ Lemon curd and blueberry tarts

Beef lasagnes ~ Cottage pies ~ Pork pies ~ Mini pork pies ~ Chicken and leek pies ~ Quiches (roast veg, bacon & onion, cheese & tomato) ~ Scotch eggs ~ Sausages

Lime curd ~ Plenty of preserves ... talking of preserves, when you have finished enjoying them, we can re-use the jars, so bring them back the next time you visit and that's one bit of recycling done.

Cushions ~ Tote bags ~ Lavender bags ~ Woolly wonders from the Geddgrave flock

See you tomorrow.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Saturday 18th September

Next week will see the equinox, which must mean that Christmas is getting closer. So my advise this week is .... beat the Christmas rush, buy lots of lovely gifts at the market, and order your mince pies soon.

This week we have ...

Gammon ~ Bacon

Beef and Vegetable Lasagnes ~ Cottage Pies ~ Fish Pies ~ Pork Pies ~ Quiches (including Chargrilled pepper, salmon and chive) ~ Scotch Eggs.

Lime Curd ~ Home grown figs in Vanilla and Star anise syrup.

White chocolate cups ~ Bakewell tarts ~ Mini jam tarts - made with home grown blackberry jam ~ Coffee and walnut cakes and buns ~ Victoria sponge with Passionfruit curd ~ Vanilla cupcakes ~ The Usual Bread and pastries ~ Crunchy top lemon cakes ~ Butter shortbread ~ Double chocolate cakes ~ Chocolate fudge cakes

Tracy's usual goodies ~ Cushions ~ Lavender bags ~ Tote bags

This week David will have the first of the celery crop for sale. This is very exciting. Much of the tasteless imported kind has a high peasticide residue. Don't forget the leaves can be eaten too !

We also begin the season of soups. Kicking off with Carrot and coriander.

This weeks recipe helps to make the most of the last of the season's waxy potatoes, 'Indian Summer Potatoes'. A gently spiced potatoe salad using coconut milk.



Friday, 10 September 2010

Saturday 11th September 2010

Hello everyone,

Pat found this very interesting website this week, it's basically a challenge to only eat food from within a range of 30 miles from your home for 30 days

You can be sure that everything sold at Orford Country Market is grown or produced well within 30 miles.

Food within 30 miles can be easily achieved in a village like Orford.  Staples at the village store, anything fishy or smoked from Richardson's, Pinney's or Brinkley's Fish Shed, as well as all the local, fresh produce from Orford Country Market.  Everything from bread, vegetables, fresh meat, cakes, pastries, preserves and eggs.  At the right time of year there's also honey from Gedgrave.  Slightly further afield (about a couple of miles) fruit juice from High House Farm.  And I'm bound to have missed someone out so my apologies.

To help start you off let me tempt you with .......

Sponges (Plain/chocolate/coffee and walnut) ~ Buns (Plain/chocolate/coffee and walnut) ~ Cherry and almond cakes ~ Bramble cakes ~ Jam tarts ~ Iced marmalade cakes ~ Chocolate brownies ~ Usual awesome selection of absolutely lovely fresh breads and pastry ~ Brownies & Blondies (sounds intriguing) ~ Cheese & olive scones ~ White choc fudge ~ Spicy fruit loaf  ~ Pear and almond cake ~ Cheese, courgette tomato muffins ~ Breakfast muffins ~ Honey cake ~ Orange Madeira cake ~ Crunchy top lemon cakes ~ Coconut & lime cake ~ Apple & walnut cake ~ Plum, lemon and almond cake ~ Butter shortbread ~ Double chocolate cake

Various quiches ~ Scotch eggs ~ Sausage & onion pies ~ Lasagnes (Beef/Vegetable) ~ Cottage pies ~ Black olive tapanade ~ Hummus

Leg of pork joints ~ Sausages ~ Gammon steaks

Wild plum jam ~ Lemon curd

From Marlene:
This weeks recipe is for using round courgettes ~ 'Courgette Wedges with Anchovy Mayonnaise'.

Summer squash tastes good sliced and fried.   Courgettes are best eaten raw or dry fried to combat the soft texture. They lighten up a plate sliced thinnly with a potatoe peeler and sprinkled with lemon zest. The combination of both green and yellow looks lovely.

Our french bean colours are also very seasonal now with the mix of pale yellow, mottled green and deep purple. Unfortunately the purple will turn green on cooking unless you fry or steam with the lid off the pan. If you are preparing a bean salad, plunging into cold water as soon as al dente will help. They look glorious on a bed of spinach and sprinkled with an oil based dressing !!

Also craft items from Tracy's woolly wonders ~ Cushions ~ Lavender bags
See you tomorrow

Friday, 3 September 2010

Saturday 4th September

Is it really September already?  The children have gone back to school and the mornings are definitely turning autumnal.

*********** PRODUCER NEWS ***************

At Orford Flower show last weekend, Ali, one of our talented cooks, won the Best Cookery Exhibit for her gingerbread and she has been busy making more for market tomorrow, so get there early or it will be gone.  In fact, I lost count of how many prizes Ali won for her cooking, she must have had a prize in each category.  Well done Ali, also to Roger and Pat who both won prizes at the Flower Show.

Tomorrow there will be amongst other things ....


Back by popular demand: Sausage rolls and cheese lattice

Ceese & olive scones ~ White choc fudge ~ Spicy fruit loaf ~ Orange Madeira cake ~ Pear and almond cake ~ Honey cake ~ Cheese, courgette & tomatoe muffins ~ Breakfast muffins ~ Crunchy top lemon cake ~ Double chocolate cake ~ Usual bread ~ Doughnuts ~ Gibassiers ~ Cannele’s ~ And a new and wonderful Canadian Butter tart.. butter, syrup eggs and raisins in a pastry shell (sounds good to me) ~ Butter shortbread ~ Apple and wlanut cake.

This week our recipe No 3 is 'Betroot and walnut dip'.  These recipes are proving very popular.

Winter squash are now arriving as are french beans.

This is a really interesting time of year for veg. We still have a flavour of summer with the last weeks of tomatoes and salad potatoes, but meanwhile the first sense of colder weather is in the air as winter squash begin to ripen, bigger whiter potatoes start to be dug out of the ground and beetroot and chard are swelling.

David and Marlene are often asked about the differences between summer and winter squash ~ here's their answer:
  • Summer squash are surprisingly easy to cook. Either boiled in a little water or baked whole in the oven for just twenty minutes, they are firm in texture with a creamy flavour. I even slice mine and fry for a few minutes as part of a cooked breakfast. They hold their shape well. If they are bought as larger squash, the skin will be tough and seeds will have formed in the centre. They are then a welcome addition to the tin of roasted veg and can be prepared into chunks before cooking with seeds removed.
  • Meanwhile, now we are later in the season, the grander winter squash start to appear. These take longer roasting and usually the seeds and skin are removed before cooking. The more unusual shapes are roasted whole or halved. This group have a different texture to the summer varieties. They are of more substance with a distinct range of flavours and varied sweetness.
  • Winter squash store for months, looks beautiful around the kitchen and can be used in dozens of recipes. From soup to curry to salads to pie they marry well with strong spices and flavours. Coriander, rocket and cumin to name a few.
Cushions ~ Lavender bags

See you tomorrow