Friday, 25 June 2010

Saturday 26th June

Well goodness knows how, but England have made it through the group stage of the World Cup.  It's a shame we can't rely on their form being consistent, at least when you come to market you know that our food and produce is consistent .....
  • freshly picked seasonal vegetables and fruit (picked Saturday mornings)
  • freshly prepared savouries (made within 24 hours and kept chilled until market, and kept on cold trays in market to keep them fresh)
  • freshly prepared cakes, breads and pastries, none of which have been frozen previously, which of course means if you only fancy half a cake, you can freeze the other half for later
  • jams, chutneys, marmalades, pickles ... all using fresh fruit or vegetables
All our cooks hold the Food Hygiene certificate, and all our cooks use free-range eggs from their own chickens.  All our packaging is food standard to ensure that the food is in the freshest possible condition when it's sold.  And it's local, our furthest producer lives in Iken, which is only 5 miles away, so you know that when we say it's local we mean it's local!

So to tempt you today we have:

Cheese & olive scones ~ Fudge ~ Apple crumble cake ~ Spicy fruit loaf ~ Orange almond cake ~ Orange Madeira cake ~ Pear and almond cake ~ Sponges (plain/chocolate/coffee & walnut) ~ Cupcakes (plain/Coffee & walnut) ~ Scones ~ Cream teas ~ Cherry & almond cakes ~ Chocolate cake

Beef lasagnes ~ Cottages pies ~ Various quiches

Salad Leaves ~ Lettuce ~ Broad Beans ~ Calabrese ~ Spring Greens ~ Carrots ~ Radishes ~ Garlic ~ Peas ~ Potatoes ~ Pak Choi

Sausages and pork joints
Cushions ~ lavender bags ~ Jewellery ~ Tracy's wonderful wool

See you tomorrow


Friday, 18 June 2010

Saturday 19th June


We are in the Town Hall again this week, 9.30am start.

Lots to choose from this week:

Chris will be up early to make:
Baguettes ~ Sourdough loaves ~ Croissants ~ Brioche (which makes the best Bread & Butter pudding) ~ lots of different pastries

Teresa will be bringing:
Bacon ~ Gammon

Freshly harvested early Saturday morning from David will be:
Salad Leaves ~ Lettuce ~ Spring Greens ~ Calabrese ~ Carrots

Pat has been busy making:
Cheese & Olive Scones ~ White Chocolate Fudge ~ Apple Crumble Cake ~ Spicy Fruit Loaf  ~ Orange Almond Cake ~ Orange Madeira Cake ~ Pear & Almond Tart

Aswell as:
Cushions ~ Bags ~ Lavender bags

And lots more besides

See you tomorrow

Friday, 11 June 2010

Saturday 12th June

Kick-off this week at 9.30am in the Town Hall.

In case you haven't heard, tomorrow evening England play the USA in the World Cup.  Lots of us will be sitting in front of the telly, either gleefully optimistic, in utter despair at our team, or watching reluctantly.  England should do well, the team has the potential, let's hope it all comes together for them.

Whatever type of supporter you are, when the football's on the telly, and you're feeling a little peckish ... we have the perfect solution.

Lots of ready-made meals like lasagne and quiches, so you don't need to spend any unnecessary time in the kitchen.  Lots of lovely desserts and cakes.  Or if you're really short on time, toast and marmalade - we sell both.

For you to choose from this week:

Lasagnes (Beef or vegetable) ~ Cottage pies ~ Quiches (Asparagus and parmesan ~ Cheese and tomato ~ Roast veg ~ Smoked salmon and chive) ~ Sausage and onion pies ~ Sausage rolls ~ Cheese lattice ~ Pasties

Cheese Straws ~ Chocolate cake ~ Rhubarb and ginger sponge cake ~ Pear and ginger sponge cake ~ Gingerbread ~ Soda bread ~ Cheesey soda bread ~ Sponges (coffee/walnut and plain) ~ Cupcakes (plain/coffee & walnut) ~ Apple cakes ~ Rocky road ~ Fruit scones ~ Cream teas ~ Fruit cake ~ Lemon drizzle cake ~ Gluten free cakes ~ Butter shortbread ~ Crunchy top lemon cakes ~ Double chocolate cakes ~ Flapjacks ~ Speciality breads ~ doughnuts

Lunches of parsley ~ Eggs

Raspberry jam ~ Spiced pepper chutney ~ Lemon curd ~ Lime curd

Tracy's woolly wonders ~ Cushions ~ Lavender bags ~ Tea cosies to keep your tea warm (or beer cold!) ~ Hand-crafted jewellery

And lots more,

On Sunday, the first Wacky Races since the Pram Race of the late 1980's, will be held between the King's Head and the Jolly Sailor in aid of charity incl. Help for Hero's.  Come and join in the fun, but make sure you're not on the road, I'm not sure how many training sessions the kart drivers have taken!  The flag goes down at 12.00 noon.

See you all tomorrow


Friday, 4 June 2010

Orford Country Market 5th June 2010

We are back in the Town Hall this week and look forward to seeing you all.   Not sure if we are in the main hall or the small hall at the back but we will make it obvious where we are.

All your usual favourites will be there including bread from Chris and lots and lots of cakes and savouries but come early as things do run out.  BTW if you let us know in advance we can put things aside  for you or you can place an order with any of the country market members.   

Tracy will be there with her lovely wool and  there will be heaps of lovely  hand knitted items.   Look out also for other handmade items cushions, bags etc.   Marie's photographs are beautiful and a popular choice with locals and visitors alike.   Again if you want something in a different size etc.  just ask.   

After visiting the market don't forget to visit the Flower Festival and Art Show in St Bartholomew's church.

So we look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Admission FREE, refreshments available.

Have a great weekend