Friday, 27 August 2010

Saturday 28th August

I hope you're enjoying the great British weather.   The bank holiday will soon be here, I think the rain is probably just rehearsing for Monday.  The next bank holiday will be Christmas, now that's a scary thought.

This week we have lots of goods including ...

Cheese & olive scones ~ Fudge ~Spicy fruit loaf ~ Orange Madeira cake ~ Pear and almond cake ~ Scones
Sponges (plain/coffee & walnut/chocolate) ~ Buns/cupcakes (plain/coffee & walnut/chocolate/carrot) ~ Carrot cake with cream cheese icing ~ Elderflower Crunch Cake ~ Lemon and Poppyseed loaf ~ Rocky Road ~ Cream Teas ~ Crunchy top lemon cake ~ Double chocolate cake ~ Butter shortbread

Black olive tapanade ~ Hummus ~ Cheese, courgette & tomato muffins ~ Breakfast muffins ~ Quiches ~ Scotch Eggs ~ Beef Lasagnes ~ Vegetable lasagnes ~ Cottage Pies ~ Sausage & Onion Pies ~ Fish pies ~ Onion & Goats Cheese Tarts

Lavender bags ~ Cushions

Gammon ~ Bacon

Breads ~ Pastry ~ Doughnuts

And don't forget the recipe this week (No 2) is free with a 1Kg bag of courgettes ~ 'Courgette Pie' ~ A filo pastry pie using courgettes and feta cheese. Great eaten hot or cold.

Lots to see and buy
See you tomorrow

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Saturday 21st August


This week we are holding the market in the beautiful St. Bartholomew's Church, opposite the Town Hall.

We have a new-look newsletter which includes a Recipe page at the top which will give you ideas on how to use all those wonderful vegetables and produce available at market.  Do you have a favourite way of preparing anything you buy at market, let me know and I can include it.  If you like (or don't like) the newsletter, please leave a comment, or if there's any information you wish to see, let me know and I'll try and include it.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

New this week 'Coleslaw Mix'.
A seasonal mix of root veg, cleaned and shredded ready to add mayonaise before serving.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Bread ~ Pastries ~ Doughnuts


Cheese and olive scones ~ White chocolate fudge ~ Spicy fruit loaf ~ Orange Madeira cake ~ Pear and almond cake ~ Black olive tapanade ~ Hummus ~ Cheese, courgette and tomato muffins ~ Breakfast muffins ~ Sponges (plain, coffee & walnut) ~ Buns (plain, coffee & walnut) ~ Rocky Road ~ Cherry & Almond cakes ~ Elderflower crunch cake ~ Chocolate brownies ~ Lemon bars ~ Caramel shortbread ~ Cream teas ~ Crunchy Top Lemon Cakes ~ Butter shortbread ~ Butter flapjacks ~ Double chocolate cakes ~ Cheese straws ~ Chocolate fudge cake ~ Gingerbread

Coconut ice ~ Turkish delight ~ Fresh raspberry marshmallows

Various quiches ~ Scotch eggs ~ Lasagnes (Beef/Vegetable) ~ Cottage pies ~ Sausage & onion pies ~ Venison and steak pies

A wide selection of seasonal vegetables including Chard and Kale.  For all of you who buy chard, you will be offered a recipe sheet for 'Chard and nutmeg pasta' - sounds delicious to me.

Lavender bags ~ Cushions

See you Saturday

Friday, 13 August 2010

Saturday 14th August


NEWSFLASH  ..... there will also be

Lots of Pastry ~ Sourdough ~ Baguettes ~ Eccles ~ Gibassiers
Gammon ~ Sausages ~ Bacon


We will be open as usual between 9.30-12.30 with all our goodies waiting for you including ...

Crunchy top lemon cakes ~ Chocolate fudge cake ~ Chocolate fudge cupcakes ~ Coffee and walnut cakes ~ Coffee and walnut cupcakes ~ Butter shortbread ~ Butter flapjacks ~ Gingerbread ~ Ginger cookies (these are definitely for grown-ups) and lots, lots more .....

Cushions ~ Tea cosies ~ Lavender bags ~ More cushions ~ Wonderful wool from the Gedgrave Wensleydale flock


Did you know ... David is offereing a vegetable delivery service during the week, pop in and speak to him to find out more.

Jenny is offering a cushion making service ... do you have the fabrics but not the time?  Come and talk to Jenny who will be happy to make your cushions for you.

See you tomorrow

Please use the links below to forward this to anyone who may be interested in Orford Country Market produce.  Thank you

Friday, 6 August 2010

Saturday 7th August


Well, the summer holidays are well underway and the weather has been a little mixed over the last week.  Tomorrow is not forecast as particularly sunny, so come to the market and you will be welcomed with a smile.

We have lots on offer tomorrow including:
Fresh pork and sausages

Strawberry jam

Cakes and buns (plain/chocolate/coffee) ~ Elderflower crunch cake ~ Cherry and almond cake ~ Cream teas ~ Summer puddings ~ Cheese & olive scones ~ White choc fudge ~ Spicy fruit loaf  ~ Orange Madeira cake ~ Pear and almond cake ~ Black olive tapanade ~ Hummus ~ Cheese, courgette & tomato muffins ~ Breakfast muffins ~ Crunchy top lemon cakes (which have been described as 'a little taste of heaven') ~ Butter flapjacks ~ Butter shortbread ~ Coffee & walnut cake ~ Chocolate fudge cake ~ Double Chocolate cake

Beef lasagnes ~ Cottage pies ~ Quiches ~ Scotch eggs ~ Sausage and onion pies ~ Pork, sage and onion pies

Fresh bread, pastry and doughnuts .. hopefully jam and custard ones

Kale (be sure to ask Roger why Kale is a 'superfood')

Tracy's woolly wonders ~ Lavender bags ~ Cushions

Lots to see and buy ... make sure you bring a big bag.