Friday, 6 August 2010

Saturday 7th August


Well, the summer holidays are well underway and the weather has been a little mixed over the last week.  Tomorrow is not forecast as particularly sunny, so come to the market and you will be welcomed with a smile.

We have lots on offer tomorrow including:
Fresh pork and sausages

Strawberry jam

Cakes and buns (plain/chocolate/coffee) ~ Elderflower crunch cake ~ Cherry and almond cake ~ Cream teas ~ Summer puddings ~ Cheese & olive scones ~ White choc fudge ~ Spicy fruit loaf  ~ Orange Madeira cake ~ Pear and almond cake ~ Black olive tapanade ~ Hummus ~ Cheese, courgette & tomato muffins ~ Breakfast muffins ~ Crunchy top lemon cakes (which have been described as 'a little taste of heaven') ~ Butter flapjacks ~ Butter shortbread ~ Coffee & walnut cake ~ Chocolate fudge cake ~ Double Chocolate cake

Beef lasagnes ~ Cottage pies ~ Quiches ~ Scotch eggs ~ Sausage and onion pies ~ Pork, sage and onion pies

Fresh bread, pastry and doughnuts .. hopefully jam and custard ones

Kale (be sure to ask Roger why Kale is a 'superfood')

Tracy's woolly wonders ~ Lavender bags ~ Cushions

Lots to see and buy ... make sure you bring a big bag.


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