Friday, 30 October 2009

October 31st

It's Halloween, 
There's no trick today, just lots of wonderful treats - take a look ...

A selection of 'Halloween themed' cakes and buns ~ Apple cakes ~ Toffee apples ~ Pumpkin pies

Fresh meat ... Sausages ~ pork
No bats, spiders or newts (shame ... my spells don't include sausages)

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble ... in cauldrons these wonderful preserves have simmered, including ...
Crab apple jelly ~ Green tomato chutney ~ Brandy Mincemeat

Bread .... bread ... bread ... hand-made by Chris.
"Be he alive or be he dead, I'll grind his bones to make my bread" - it's lucky for us that Chris isn't a giant (sorry I know that's not Halloween)

The stoves have been stoked for ...
Beef lasagnes ~ Ham and Leek au gratin (leeks wrapped in ham in white sauce, with a breadcrumb and cheese crispy topping) ~ A variety of quiches ~  Sausage and onion pies ~ Vegetable stock
Phew ... not a Bat Curry or Eye of Newt Soup in sight

The cake stall will have you under our spell once you've tasted ....
Plain sponges ~ Coffee and walnut sponge ~ Fruit cakes ~ Rocky road ~ Apple pies ~ Crunchy lemon cakes ~ Butter shortbread ~ Butter flapjacks ~ maybe apple pies! ~ Iced chocolate chip buns ~ Baked apples (stuffed with dry fruit and served with a butterscotch sauce)

Loads of vegetables and free-range eggs

New this week ... tamarind seed jewellery

How do we keep producing all these goodies each week ... magic!


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