Friday, 26 February 2010

Saturday 27th February

This week is British Pie Week and the pies we have to tempt you are:
Sausage & onion pies ~ Pork pies ~ Apple pies

Also tomorrow there will be:
Sponges (plain/coffee & walnut) ~ Iced buns ~ Mini easter egg cakes ~ Apple cakes ~ Iced marmalade cakes ~ Lemon & blueberry cakes ~ Carrot cake ~ Parsnip and walnut cake ~ Gluten free buns and fruit cakes ~ Flap jacks ~ Sausage rolls ~ Treacle tarts ~ Cheese scones

Lasagnes (Beef/Vegetable) ~ Shepherds Pie ~ Variety of quiches ~ Scotch eggs ~ Sausage & onion pies ~ Brocilli & Stilton soup ~ Carrot & coriander soup ~ Leek & Potato soup ~ Mushroom soup

Celebrating British Pie week - a selection of sweet and savoury pies available hot or cold inc apple, rhubarb, cherry ~ Selection of cupcakes ~ Toast & marmalade

Fresh meat:
Pork chops  ~ Sausages  ~ Joints

New on the preserves:
Grapefruit and ginger marmalde which is delicious on toast on these cold winter mornings.

And how about a cushion for Mother's Day:

And all of Tracy's woolly wonders from her prize-winning Gedgrave flock.

See you tomorrow

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