Friday, 10 December 2010

Saturday 11th December

Hello everyone Santa here

Jenny has stacks and stacks of pre Christmas things to do so I have volunteered to edit the blog this week. I hope that you have all been good girls and boys buying lots and lots of the lovely goodies at the Orford Country Market. My elves have been saved bags of time and effort this year by sourcing loads of their presents from the market in the Town Hall.

Just two more Saturdays to enjoy before the market breaks for Christmas so make sure that you order anything special for collection from the Town Hall on Thursday December 23rd. This week the market is in the Town Hall as usual but next week they are all looking forward to the short trip across the road to St. Bartholomew's Church which is a wonderful venue for the market and they hope to provide some jolly pre-Christmas cheer for everyone with a return appearance by the Leiston HandBell Ringers who entertained  so well at the market last year.

At the market this Saturday the goodies will include:

on the food tables

Meat: Fresh dressed Turkey, Sausages, Bacon, Gammon and probably some Goat for the more adventurous. (Rudolph and the team vetoed the venison this week)

Savouries: Beef Lasagnes ~ Cottage Pies ~ Quiches ~ Scotch Eggs ~ Game Pies ~ Pork Pies ~ Cheese and Olive Scones ~ Warming Carrot Soup (I hope there will be some carrots left for my reindeer on Christmas Night as Rudolph is very partial to David's Chantenay)

Cakes and Sweet Things: Lots of  tasty goodies including: Sponges (plain or coffee & walnut) ~ Buns (plain or chocolate) ~ Cupcakes (coffee & walnut) ~ Apple Cakes ~ Rocky Road ~ Fruit Scones ~ Mince Pies ~ Iced and Decorated Xmas cakes ~ Sticky Toffee Puddings ~ Mincemeat and Christmas Puddings ~ Pear and Almond Flans ~ Fruit Loaves ~ Lemon curd ~ Lime curd (Something from here would be nice when I come down your chimney)

Locally produced delicious Honey Chocolate Truffles (These would be perfect with the sherry (Oloroso preferably) by the fireplace on Christmas Night)

Vegetables: Whatever David has managed to dig, cut, pull, pick or prise from his abundant smallholding.

and on the craft tables

A Fine Range of Christmas Goods ~ Cushions ~ Therapeutic Lavender Bags ~ Luxuriously Soft Wool and Woollen Products ~ Jewellery ~ Mounted Prints and Photographs (Lots of these will be finding their way into people's stockings this Christmas)

Refreshments will be provided by Tracy so you might expect a sheep theme but no! Just some delicious caraway seed cake and tea or coffee.

Remember to reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy the Home Made, Home Grown and Hand Crafted products from your local Country Market.

Next year Orford Country Market is hoping for some exciting times with the Country Market organisation looking at raising the profile and improving the image of  all Country Markets nationwide. There has already been a lot of work  identifying what market customers would like to see on offer and also some early work on re-badging the corporate image and promoting indirect sales through retail outlets.
Orford Country Market may volunteer to act as a pilot for this relaunch so if you have any thoughts about how they could improve their service or product range please let them know. Either through the website or over a cup of something at the market.

That's it from me, I must get the sleigh to Laura's for its MOT but do remember to drop in to the market this week and next as they are all looking forward to seeing you. 

I may be back next week if Jenny hasn't finished her Christmas preparations but remember

Ho Ho Ho

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