Friday, 9 July 2010

Saturday 10th July

Yippee ... England are in the World Cup final this Sunday evening ... but 'I thought it's Spain and Holland' I hear you say ... well it is, but the referee and one of his assistants are English, so that's good enough for me. 

Enough of that, tomorrow is going to be another lovely hot Saturday, I hope Chris has his air-con on while baking all those lovely loaves in the morning.  He's bringing his usual sourdough, croissants and this week DOUGHNUTS! So get there early, they go like hot-cakes.

Teresa will have sausages and bacon, can you hear and smell those sausages sizzling on the barbecues?

There will also be ....
Crunchy Top Lemon Cakes ~ Coffee and walnut cakes ~ Chocolate cakes ~ Scones ~ Sausage rolls ~ Cheese lattice ~ Sponge cake ~ Lemon dizzle cakes ~ Flapjacks ~ Buns ~ Butter shortbread ~ Gooseberry and redcurrant tarts

Fresh fruit ~ Honey

All the usual and wonderful crafts.

See you tomorrow


Did you know ... Maria, our talented artist, is helping to restore the Sudbourne Hatchments. Follow her progress on Twitter @goldenroad1

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