Friday, 16 July 2010

Saturday 17th July

Good evening everyone,

Well it will be short and sweet this week, because it's getting late and I have cakes to pack ... but

STOP PRESS *** tomorrow David will be launching a new vegetable delivery service, come in to find out all about it, but briefly
... We are offering a regular delivery of a basket of vegetables to the value of £8 for those living in the Five Parishes.  There will be a £15 refundable deposit for the basket at Start-up and deliveries will be on a Wednesday during a time slot chosen by you. 

Goat (not kidding!) ~ Bacon

Flapjacks ~ Sausage rolls ~ Cheese lattice ~ Lemon drizzle cakes ~ Coffee and walnut cakes ~ Gooseberry and cherry raggedy pie ~ Butter shortbread ~ Cream teas ~ Elderflower crunch cake ~ Summer pudding (made using all locally grown berries) ~ Scones ~ Chocolate orange cookies

Beef lasagne ~ Cottage pie ~ Sausage and onion pie ~ Pork apple and sage pie ~ Pasta with tomato and courgette sauce

Cushions ~ Lavender bags ~ Tea cosies ~ Oven gloves

Cabbages ~ Summer kale ~ Honey

See you tomorrow


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